English teachers


Agnieszka Wiazowska
Director of Studies

I'm one of the English teachers working at SSLMO and have been working here for five years. My name's Agnieszka and I come from Poland. I have always thought that English is the most beautiful language in the world and I have always wanted to teach it to other people.(Ask my family! ) My motto is: 'Practice makes perfect' and every day I try to pass this message on to our students. I think they agree with me. Do you?


Gerald Myhill

Senior Teacher

My name is Gerald and I was born in a tiny village called Swanton Morley near the cathedral city of Norwich which is better known worldwide for Formula 3 racing. My father is English and my mother Scottish. Not long after I was born my parents moved to Singapore where we lived for almost 4 years. We came back to the UK when I was almost 6 and lived with my grandmother in a town called Huntingdon near Cambridge. At this time we moved again, this time to another small village called Great Staughton where we lived in a very old manse. When I was 11 we moved to Brazil and I spent many years of my life there. I began teaching English in Brazil but more recently returned to England and have now been teaching here in Southall for almost 10 years. I really enjoy the challenge of helping other people to learn English as it has become such a vital tool for international communication and as the classes here in the school are such a wonderful mix of nationalities and personalities. Although I have spent most of my life living in the country I am really enjoying the experience of living in London, a vibrant, colourful and truly multinational city.